We like to admit learning and development! Our location is available for customers that come to experience - and after learning you relax: our spa and wellness area waits for you to show you how nice it can be to do almost nothing - with the exception of loose your thoughts and let it flow! Your brain gives thanks to your mind. Take a bath, a massage or sauna. More information about our location, premises, rooms, services, equipment and our price list you find here (click here).

Steiermark Convention

  Steiermark Convention



We have an amply conference room/meeting room (90m2) that you can convert and adapt to your requisites, wish and imagination. It doesn’t matter if it will be an assessable group: you compose a small number of participants or a rich one. The big room is available for 100 persons. Daytime light gives a pleasant congenially atmosphere. The room has modern equipment and solid plank flooring.

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Tagen im Natur und Wellnesshotel Höflehner mit umfangreichen Inklusivleistungen.

Unsere Halbtages- und Tagespauschalen für Seminargäste mit Übernachtungswunsch.

Unsere Halbtages- und Tagespauschalen für Seminargäste ohne Übernachtungswunsch.

Alles Wissenswerte zu Ihrer individuellen Seminargestaltung.