Here we offer you perfect treatment combinations.

Warm sunbeams on your skin

St. Johns wort picked at the summer solstice – full of summer’s energy. This power is used by following treatment: foot bath in combination with beneficial foot- and back massage and St. Johns wort. Including resting on a soft lamb skin.
55 minutes: € 74,-

Special time for me

Foot bath and foot peeling with Höflehner’s nature alpine rose peeling and facial massage and total body massage with Höflehner’s natural alpine rose oil. Immediately followed by a rest on a soft lamb skin – treat yourself this break.
75 minutes: € 89,-

Enjoy nature

HöflehnerNatur alpine rose total body peeling prepares skin for the following Höflehner natural alpine rose body package on the swing lounger. This process is finished by a beneficial total body massage.
90 minutes: € 98,-