Nature means what we are longing for a place where you feel at ease. Given that nature shows its best as it ever did before: grateful and in beautiful harmony.

Wellness – that word, which implies an intensive and intuitive experience of nature.  

The nature- and wellness hotel Höflehner – our ‘6-N-philosophy’

Nature still has been our initial point. Nature might be the power that moves us. We thought about the concept of nature and noticed nature plays the leading part. So out of this estimation arose the ‘6-N-philosophy. Every single ‘N’ means a significant value determining our way to act: the experience of nature, nativeness, natural wellness, natural alimentation that will have a permanent effect on your life.


Nature experiences
Imagine the scenery: at a height of 1.117 metres above zero  you will have a view to the Dachstein, walled by  mountains. From that moment on you will forget daily routine; and this is what we call: nature’s own reflection.

Such an atmosphere you can enjoy in so many ways. Maybe you take part in a relaxing walking tour far above smooth hills or find you pleasure at best: mountain biking, Nordic walking, climbing to the Schladminger Tauern – you assemble your program!

The landscape’s natural beauty reflects to human beings. Warmth and kindness are constant companions in our house, we mentioned before: our family’s enterprise consists of a real dedicated  team.

Natural Wellness
Relaxation and a touch of romance, beauty and health will be shared at best in true nature. Nature keeps his secrets for giving back your balance.

We simply try to body nature. Our indoor and outdoor swimming-pools are filled with crystal-clear water. As planned you can relax, regenerate your health and refine your senses in an atmosphere of romance and beauty.


Natural Nutrition
Nature doesn’t need any additives; As well as we spare artificial ingredients. We solely serve natural and pure food from biological standard producers that live nearby. The taste of nature refined from masterhand full of inspiration. A fine creation: herbs and milk directly supplied from mountain-farmers of our region.

Taste it. We assert that all ingredients are prepared gently.

Today already think of tomorrow: In the world of nature it’s quite natural. Knowing of today’s beauty means knowledge about the responsibility towards tomorrow. We believe in global structures and will take care for preservation of natural environment keeping this for following generations.

We use these ideas and put them into practice: Our wooden rooms made from Styrian Pines. The rooms are free from electro-magnetic fields and harmful effects. We banish harmful substances like PVC. Instead of this we use solid wood. We attach a great importance to economize the resources therefore we decide for a heating system that recycles pellets. So we save that system runs low in respect of the economic level.