About us

Höflehner – a family establishment with heart

Die Familie Höflehner

Longstanding for 3 generations we care about wellbeing of our guests. We are a real family enterprise, growing for decades. That’s why we know about what families’ wishes during their holidays.

When you look behind the scenes, you are told about our house, our history and the people standing behind. 

We strive for exellence - since 3 generations. Nature, Wellness, Skiiing, Hiking and of course culinary pleasure are our most important ingredients for your pefercet holidays.

Nature means what we are longing for a place where you feel at ease. Given that nature shows its best as it ever did before: grateful and in beautiful harmony.

Wellness – that word, which implies an intensive and intuitive experience of nature.  

With a view to a 300 year-old history you will be informed about the given name:’Kapplhof’.